A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Choose your favorite waifus and let the Great Waifu War begin!

- Description -

Waifu Wars Splash was made with the intent to bring a lot of anime girls together into one single game.

It allows you to choose up to 5 girls to build your team and make them battle against another team through a Pokémon inspired battle system.

- Features -

  • 40 waifus!
  • Over 50 moves!
  • Memes and anime references!
  • Explooosion!!!!!!!

- Controls -

    Mouse only!

- Credits -

Programming / Art (waifus not included!) / Musics / Sounds: 

by ClemiNeko (DeviantArt)

- More -

Additional information like the element chart are in the in-game manual.

Warning! Android version could be unstable, it is preferable to download the Windows version.

- Please, support the anime industry -

Install instructions

- Launch the game -

  •     On Windows:

         Run "WWS.exe" and make sure the "lime.ndll" file is in the same folder as the executable.

  •     On Android:

        Run "WWS-debug.apk" to install the application then run that application.


WaifuWarsSplash_V1.0.1_Windows.zip 48 MB
WaifuWarsSplash_V1.0.1_Android.zip 100 MB

Development log


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please add speedwagon, seriously

Speedwagon too op

Sup! I made a gameplay! Hahaha... This game is so entertaining! I like the game cause it's about Anime and Games! It made me literary laugh so hard that I fell down in my chair! Hahaha... Also Taiga is from Toradora anime not from Neptune! :3

I hope You won't mind me sharing my gameplay on this game on my Youtube Channel I want to share it with my friends and to others!

Thanks for the game!

Keep Up the Good Work!

Oh and Also I'm not done with the game yet! So I'm making a part 2! :3

This is great! Thanks for the gameplay! I'm really glad you like the game. Yeah, Taiga is not from Neptune. The error will be patched in the v1.0.1!

Hopefully you will continue to enjoy the game through your part 2!

I just upload the part 2 hahaha... :3

(1 edit)

I've noticed weird lags in your videos and also that awkward mouse position glitch. It the first time I see something like this in the game and it is not normal at all.

Does this happen because of you recording the video or is the game always like this? Just in case, can I have some information about your pc? Maybe we can fix that.

Sorry about that, The problem is my recorder (OBS), I don't know why is the mouse awkwardly moving like that, Sometimes it does that, sometimes it doesn't in some other games I played. And The lags was probably the recorder too. I'm using my laptop playing this game and to record. Lenovo Ideapad320, AMD A9 7thGen 4gb. By the way thanks for the concern I try to fix it today! Thanks! :3

Oh and also I'll make more videos of this game. I really love it! I'm really hoping you won't mind even all of those lagging and awkward mouse position. Don't worry I'll try to Fix it!

Okay! I found your videos very funny actually, can't wait to see the next ones!