A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Choose your favorite waifus and let the Great Waifu War begin!

- Description -

Waifu Wars Splash was made with the intent to bring a lot of anime girls together into one single game.

It allows you to choose up to 5 girls to build your team and make them battle against another team through a Pokémon inspired battle system.

- Features -

  • 40 waifus!
  • Over 50 moves!
  • Memes and anime references!
  • Explooosion!!!!!!!

- Controls -

    Mouse only!

- Credits -

Programming / Art (waifus not included!) / Musics / Sounds: 

by ClemiNeko (DeviantArt)

- More -

Additional information like the element chart are in the in-game manual.

Warning! Android version could be unstable, it is preferable to download the Windows version.

- Please, support the anime industry -

Install instructions

- Launch the game -

  •     On Windows:

         Run "WWS.exe" and make sure the "lime.ndll" file is in the same folder as the executable.

  •     On Android:

        Run "WWS-debug.apk" to install the application then run that application.


WaifuWarsSplash_V1.0.0_Windows.zip 48 MB
WaifuWarsSplash_V1.0.0_Android.zip 100 MB

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